Tunes and Tuna

Hello Trick-or-Treaters!

NAMM this year was a delight. (NAMM is a worldwide music convention that takes place over the course of four days in Anaheim every January.) I just like being around thousands of music-minded people and seeing all the offerings – any sort of music-related anything is at this convention.

I ran into Michael Kenney, the keyboardist and bass technician for Iron Maiden. I met him last October when he came to The Iron Maidens’ Halloween show in which I guest-keyboarded. He’s the nicest guy. I’m so glad we’re pals.

And, speaking of The Iron Maidens ( ), I ran into Courtney Cox and Linda McDonald. Such fun girls. Oh, if any of you know of good places to get candy corn in the off-season, please send me word, because Courtney is a candy corn freak and always on the lookout. Who better would know than you guys, my dear Halloween freaks!

I also ran into Stephen Fortner, the executive editor of Keyboard Magazine who had interviewed me last year for their October issue. He invited me out to dinner with a couple of his magazine cohorts. Well, don’t mind if I do.

We all went to Roy’s, that Hawaiian fusion restaurant. Well, don’t mind if I do.

See, and I help make restaurant bills cheaper because I’m a teetotaler. Although … I really could eat the equivalent in sushi compared to what they’re spending on cocktails. Heh heh.

So, Stephen asked me if I wouldn’t mind videotaping some digital pipe organ companies the next day that he could post on Keyboard Mag’s website. Of course I would! My belly was full of a perfect ahi tuna steak. Such a fair exchange!

See, along with being a teetotaler, I’m really a cat. Tuuuuuuuna. Ahi tuuuuuuuuna.

After dinner we visited the Keyboard Magazine “party bus.” These guys are a crack-up. This bus was decked inside with colored lights, drums, and a few keyboards. You could hear them playing from a block away, jamming into the night. It kind of reminded me of the Muppet bus – “Movin’ right along, digga-dun, digga-dun …”

Here are the videos from the next day:

Many kind thanks to Stephen for the mentions and links of my Halloween Carols in the intro to these videos on Keyboard Mag’s site.

In other news, I’m hoping to get into the studio next month to do some recording. I shall keep you updated on the treats to come! This song I’m working on now is emotionally massive and making me physically tired, but it will be worth it! I’m hoping to offer you rich victuals. Meow.


Can't wait to hear the new

Can't wait to hear the new material!!