Recording Update: Trick-or-Treating for an Excellent Recording Engineer … or … The Night I’m a Hunter

Hello Trick-or-Treaters!

It’s time for an update on my recording whereabouts. Many of you have been so kind with your little notes of enthusiasm and support, and I want you to know how much it means to me, how much it fuels me while I work. Thank you.

So, life currently finds me without a recording engineer. My recording engineer for the last two CDs has a window of opportunity to work on TV shows, and I’m very happy for him. He said he was trying to see if he could still fit me in, but came to the conclusion that there is just no way to do that. This might be slightly panic-inducing, but panic not, my friends! Things always work out if one keeps on working.

I’m now in the process of searching for and interviewing engineers. I’ll admit it’s a bit like dating again after a break-up. Sigh. Such a drag at first. You know how it goes: you used to be so comfortable with that person, and now you have to get all uncomfortable again trying to find a good match so you can hopefully be comfortable once more.

And I’m a rather finicky feline in studio. So, finding a good match is imperative.

The good thing is, I work on my digital instruments by myself, so I have them all ready to go on a flash drive when I walk into a studio. Once in studio, it’s vocals, live instruments, and all that magical tweaking.

As of now, my plan is to release each song digitally as soon as it’s ready, then compile the physical album when they’re all complete. See, sometimes it’s worth waiting for the whole meal, but other times, when you’re starving, it’s best to set out each dish as it’s ready. I don’t like my “dinner guests” to be uncomfortable with low blood sugar.

I promise tasty food for your ears! As soon as I can!