Of Pumpkins and Babies and Other Things From Seed

Hello, Trick-or-Treaters!

And how was your spring? Mine has been quite nice, full of gardening, weeding, wedding-playing, Raven-marketing, Texasing, double-crusted-cherry-pie-making (which will continue into the summer), and seasonal light/dark evaluating.

I enjoy the different types of light the sun gives off throughout the year. In spring it’s more silvery, in autumn more golden. Seasons are a miracle. What nourishing variety. Such a grand balance.

So, it’s been lovely. Summer will be splendid because I have wee bairn tomatoes on the way. And pumpkins! Aye! Squashy wonders! Cucurbita pepo! Cucurbita maxima! I planted five varieties last week…

* Sugar Pie
* Cinderella
* Lumina
* Jack o’ Lantern
* Jack Be Little
* and some catnip (Nepeta cataria)

…and if my gardening isn’t shoddy, I’ll post update pictures on facebook all the way into autumn.

In other news, my sister, not unlike my tomato plants, is pregnant and nearly due to deliver. She’s very pregnant, so this baby will be very juicy.

She recently posted the following on facebook:

“Ok, friends and family, we're down to the wire. We'd love to hear your boy name suggestions to add to our consideration list! Looking for unique, somewhat classic, old family, or historical names... or any favorites you'd like to share!”

And I couldn’t help myself. My brain gets addicted to such invitations, and, you know, laughing is fun, so I become quite obsessive and silly. I see it as a harmlessly addictive activity of mirth.

Here’s my list. I’ll probably come up with more as I’m falling asleep tonight. You can try it, too.

Mordecai Fiesta Smith
Fitzwilliam Tiger Smith
Victor Earl Pineapple Smith
Hector Knoxfrog Smith
Mason Bacon Smith
Harold Lumpectomy Smith
Francois Goodfoot Smith
Edgar Brothfellow Smith
Paul Turkeyjoint Smith
Martin Handwave Smith
Rex Purple Smith
Edward Revenge Smith (And you can call him "Lumber" for short.)
Henry Cowpurge Smith
Mestopheles Gingerman Smith
Hamecles Voltage Smith
Rudolph Blackbeard Smith
Wadsworth Binkyfry Smith
Engelbert Persimmon Smith
Jahardai Rooster Smith
Brunson Cowlick Smith
Shepherd Sheepeater Shmith
Burt Bunnythrasher Smith
Brutus Beefstar Smith
Thor Valiant Smith
Jiminy Stomper Smith
Athenos Oliver Smith
Barney Brian Abalone Smith
Herbert Lucky Smith
Elmer Puddingson Smith
Rufus Licorice Smith
Porter Bingo Smith
Bruno Benevolent Smith
Jerome Zucchini Smith
Hooper Barkroot Smith
Herbert Nougat Smith
Salvador Heman Smith
Chester Gravy Smith
Wallace Birdpluck Smith
Jacob Chestuft Smith
Lester Munchfunk Smith
Alastair Pignoodleton Smith
Ripley Hellsmack Smith
Barnabus Frockheap Smith
Luke Vaderson Smith
Cornelius Plunkyheart Smith
Bruce Fishknob Smith
Parley Potato Smith
Griswold Skippy Smith
Stanford Hairyteethbumpface Smith
Dolphin Rainman Smith
Sharky Spiderman Smith
Shaman Vibrant Smith
Hansel Crumbtrotter Smith
Silverwolf Spookyloon Smith
Hepford Lamb Smith
Gerald Knockwurst Smith
Tron Megatron Smith
Palmer Jive Smith
Spanky Shanks Smith
Joho Fang Smith
Ronald Sandollar Lick Smith
Nicholas Blast Smith
Luther Concaveman Smith
Samuel Tasty Smith
Jovial Honky Smith
Peter Strapplash Smith
Buzz Serotonin Smith
Gerbil Gigawatt Smith
Franklin Unitard Smith
Winky Fearsome Smith
Zorro Starlighter Smith
Zachary Helmloft Smith
Bob Ali Zabob Smith
James Flamethrower Smith
Frederick Lava Smith
Horatio Pinky Smith
Helmut Ironfist Joy Smith
Horace Houndhooter Smith
Simon Beanbaggery Smith
Toulouse Lipfidget Smith
Randolph Hipshove Smith
Shamus Nookhardy Smith
Sylvester Goodpunk Leaper Smith
Brahmwell Rearheifer Smith
Jareth Slamcooper Smith
Vanguard Borkson Smith
Ian Chopbucket Smith
Lazar Werewolf Smith
Wolfgang Henry Smith
Lars Wetterly Smith
Thomas Foolery Smith
Manfred Toughcat Smith
Aloysius Draftypants Smith (pronounced Alowishus)
Ruben Pantherprince Swatklod Smith
Arius Peanuckle Smith
Hans Beetblower Smith
Mitchell Gushfog Stripey Smith
Drake Bleat Smith
Igor Proomy Farmzipper Smith
Buster Eagerbeagle Smith
Waldorf Heimlich Smith
Buster Dino Smith
Digger Goodslap Smith
Desmond Chomp Smith
Bingham Buck Smith
Terrance Flipper Smith
Gregory Dogbinge Smith
Morris Meatclump Smith
Sherlock Saxophone Smith
Barlow Madpuff Smith
Ned Northpuppy Smith
Stephen Heaver Smith
Clarence Cleaveheart Smith
Wilbur Flailhoot Smith
Jupiter Nosenaught Smith
Rory Cheesehelm Smith
Raoul Neck Smith
Winston Duckhug Smith
Buck Doody Smith
Maxwell Jerkslaughter Smith
Patrick Punjab Smith
Farley Ticklebro Smith
Charles Punchdaddy Smith
Nigel Honch Flickslop Smith
Theodore Glompy Falconstare Smith
Clark Bosshog Smith
Roscoe Bestinshow Smith
Willard Nibble Smith