Happy October!

Oooooooh, it always makes me so happy to arrive in October. *sigh* We made it. We made it through the long, hot summer months and now we get to revel in this beautiful season. My nose, eyeballs, and heart are swimming in the wonderful smells, visions, and feelings.

Last night Lord and Lady Bats flapped into town – two of my dearest friends – and we’re going to Disneyland tomorrow. Disneyland now has “Halloween Time at Disneyland” with a special fireworks show and other fun changes around the park. I’m so glad Halloween is growing. Disneyland didn’t have anything of the sort a mere five years ago.

Just within the past ten years, purple and orange porch lights have overtaken neighborhoods. I’ve seen Halloween trees with Halloween ornaments. And now there are more Halloween greeting cards available then ever!

I’m sure some of you will say, “Bah! Pooh pooh! Commercialism. Bah!” But I don’t. I think it’s great that we are imagining and creating more ways to celebrate and have fun with the season! I mean, yes, let’s have some taste in our decorating – I see a lot of kitsch in stores – but when I find a Halloween item of quality, it makes me do that “smile-and-breathe-in-deeply” sort of thing.

Well, in case any of you have been dead in a grave, I’ll announce again that my new Halloween CD – A Broom With A View - is online for sale! I’ve been receiving such lovely, kind emails and notes from you, and I want you to know, my sweet Trick-or-Treaters, that I appreciate each one. If I have the time, I always try to respond, because I LOVE MY TRICK-OR-TREATERS!!! I’m charmed by what an eclectic bunch you are – kids, moms, dads, goths, pirates, witches, symphony-goers, gypsies, belly dancers, history enthusiasts, fairies, rockers, steampunks, and the lot!

With leaves, cider, lower sun angle, cooler air, costumes, candy, lights, and all things made of pumpkin, I hope you have a lovely October.