A Broom With A View - my new Halloween CD aaaalllmost online for sale

Hello Trick-or-Treaters! As we wait for my new CD to be online for sale (any day now), I thought it high time to announce the title and track listing.

Yes, there she is …

A Broom With A View – from the Halloween Carols

… my new, full-length Halloween CD. And she can’t wait to fly into your life. Here are the 13 little goodies:

1 – Mostly Ghostly – Entrance Music (2:20)

2 – A Broom With A View (5:16)

3 – Souling Song – All Hallows Version (7:56)

4 – Souling Song – Samhain Version (7:10)

5 – Dark Glass (5:42)

6 – Cats In The Catacombs (4:19)

7 – Sleeping Dust (“The Death Lullaby”) – Ashes To Ashes Version (5:58)

8 – Flappy Bat (5:10)

9 – Vampire Empire (6:07)

10 – A Broom With A View – Instrumental Version (5:16)

11 – Cats In The Catacombs – Instrumental Version (4:19)

12 – Vampire Empire – Instrumental Version (6:02)

13 – Mostly Ghostly – Exit Music (2:20)

The first place it will appear online is at CD Baby – cdbaby.com. They then distribute it to Amazon, iTunes, etc. – this may take a few weeks, so if you want it NOW (well, any day now), then hie ye hither to CD Baby. I now have a physical distribution arrangement with CD Baby, so you will be able to buy it physically and digitally from many online sites.

I’ll tell you, it’s such a strange turnabout to go from writing mode to recording mode to business mode. I think I like the writing mode best. I love sitting at my piano, keyboard, or organ with a pencil and manuscript paper. But here I am, tapping into my business promotion side. And as I’ve said before, my idols are Catwoman and the Phoenix, so they bring out the bad-tail-toughy in me. Purryeah!

In my coming blogs, I’ll talk about each of the songs, the Halloween history they are based on, and other little fun-sized bits about the music and words.

Happy Almost-Autumn-Equinox to you!