Halloween CD Almost Here To Hear!

Oh, my dear Trick-or-Treaters! Your time has nearly arrived! Yes, your time is almost here to go Trick-or-Treating with your ears.

I finished recording my new Halloween CD about a week ago, and it is currently being printed. In fact, I hope to pick up the first box of freshly printed CDs later today (cross fingers!). The next step is to overnight them to CD Baby so they can get them online for sale. CD Baby then distributes them to iTunes, Amazon MP3, Rhapsody, etc. for digital downloads only … so, all to say that my CD will be available on CD Baby first if you are just itching to get your paws on my new music.

Also, if you wish to purchase a physical CD, for right now, they will only be available on CD Baby. I’m currently working on getting physical CD distribution through Amazon and other online shops. If you find a physical CD for sale on Amazon right now, it will be overpriced because some dealers buy them from CD Baby, then try to make a profit on Amazon. Online scalpers. Rascals. I hope you don’t support them.

I am now on Twitter – twitter.com/HalloweenCarols – yes, it’s Trick-or-Tweeting time. And if you type my name on Facebook, you’ll find my fan page. Please come and join me! And invite other Trick-or-Treaters!

Now … it’s time to thank a certain food for getting me through this recording project. It’s a smoothie, really. I call it the “Happiness Shake.” It’s so easy to make and it’s perfectly healthy.

In a blender, pulverize:

frozen banana

soy milk or cow milk (soy makes it frothier)

peanut butter (the kind where the ingredients are only: peanuts, salt)

optional: a few chocolate chips

Just eye the levels until it’s the consistency that you desire. I like mine really thick. Lately, I haven’t been adding the chocolate chips because it’s already plenty sweet. But chocolate is, indeed, a happiness maker, so it’s often high time for it.

Thank you, Happiness Shake. You helped me to stay happy so I could work hard. But now with autumn approaching, it will be time to introduce warm cider into the mix. And drinking warm cider in the shower is such a treat. Such an escape. How can I ever complain about anything when I have a hot shower and warm cider in my life? Such simple privileges. Such scrumptious fall-time smells and flavors.

I’ll post a new blog entry when my CD is up for sale. Stay tuned!