Bellies and Brains

I recently had an out-of-belly experience. Food poisoning. My first case of it. Oh, I hope, hope, hope it’s my last. What torture. My traumatized tummy did not want anything in it for a couple of days. And then it said to me, “You know, you ought to put a little something in me. I trust you.” Yes, I have such a nice, understanding belly.

So, yogurt is currently my favorite thing. I’ve always liked yogurt, but now I reeeeeaaaaaallllyyyy like it. And eating it so often these past two weeks has brought back memories of when I was a little girl, when I liked the sensation of squeezing yogurt through my teeth. I haven’t done that in a while. Maybe I’ll try it again. I remember grocery shopping with my mom and she’d often buy lemon yogurt – a truly outstanding flavor for the art of yogurt. Really! So pleasing, it makes me smile in a lazy way and makes my eyes roll back up into my head. And while we’re on the subject of dairy, I must say that pistachio is a remarkable flavor of ice cream. Quite inspiring. Ah, I’m so grateful for cows.

And I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a cow that caused my food poisoning. I don’t ever want to lose faith in bovines.

This food poisoning episode didn’t slow me down in studio too much, luckily. I was rather weak for a few days following, but it gave me a nice, mellow edge to my personality – so chill, in fact, that I got some fantastic vocal takes, probably because I didn’t care about too many things and wasn’t thinking too hard. Kind of funny how that works, isn’t it? There’s a time and place for it, but when it’s the right time, we could call it “The Power of ‘Whatever.’”

And, in contrast, there is also “The Power of Red Lipstick.” Wearing this lippy stuff is quite a boon to one who wants to capture just the right vampire vocals. I’m here to say, “It works.”

So, I’m about a month or so away from finishing my CD (then of course a few more weeks for replication and distribution). I’m so excited to get it out to you all. And you know what’s so funny? Now that I’m almost done with this CD, my other Halloween Carols have been popping into my head, whispering to me that they want to be on the next CD. I have about 60 Halloween Carols that I have written in four-part carol/hymn style, and many of them are begging me to be the next one to be arranged into a fully orchestrated song. I love each one. They are my babies. My brain babies. My heart babies. (My mom calls them her grandchildren.) They each have such different personalities, and it’s funny how they each ask me in their own way to be chosen.

Some of them are full-blooded Type A personalities. They want to be powerful and rock the flesh off people. Others are subtle in their intensity and choose to rock you without your realizing it. Some are mellow and dreamy. Some are silly (like the family comedians). Some are cheerful. Some are rascals. Some are thoughtful. Some are hypnotizing. Some are pouncy and bouncy.

And they are each waiting to be born onto CD – this current litter in the next couple of months, and more litters of little “song kitties” in the years to come! Meow.