Organ Music Donor

Hello, my dear Trick-or-Treaters! I can’t believe that June is half over, but I’m happy to report that my new, full-length CD for this Halloween is really starting to come together and sparkle (these last few days, I’ve been so excited and dancing around to my new Samhain song, which I just added drums to with the help of the talented Micah Anderson). More on all that in a paragraph or two, but right now I’ll come to the main point of this blog …I’ve been receiving enthusiastic and much-appreciated feedback from many of you, my sweet and quirky Trick-or-Treaters. I do enjoy very much hearing from you and delight in our common love of Halloween. And I thought – to tide you over until my CD is finished – that I would offer free downloads of my College Senior Organ Recital.A good friend was very kind to record my recital for me back in 2001 (May 1, 2001, to be exact). I graduated from Brigham Young University in Organ Performance and Pedagogy, and this was the final recital required for my bachelor’s degree. I had the privilege to perform on the glorious organ at the Cathedral of the Madeleine in Salt Lake City. It was built by Kenneth Jones and Associates of Bray, Ireland, and installed in 1992. And it’s my favorite type of organ – a tracker. Tracker organs are mechanical action and I love them because I can FEEL the manuals and pedals more intensely. This organ is a 77/79 rank, English-style beast that has 4,066 pipes.So, wherever you wish – my WebbySite or myspace – please help yourself to these free downloads. We can pretend you’re at my porch in costume a few months early, but I’m still putting candy into your satchels. And let’s just say that I love all kinds of “candy,” but J.S. Bach’s Passacaglia is one of my favorite candies ever. Oh, what a masterpiece. I like to play Bach barefooted. So sensual.OK, so back to my recording adventures. It’s vocal time now, so to relax and get in a quirky, performance-y mood, I’ve been watching Disney’s “Alice in Wonderland.” It’s so ridiculous and silly … and classic. “There are dog-and-caterpillars …” Also, I’ve been YouTube-ing “Mambo Italiano” often. It works.Just two days ago, I finished recording the vocals for my cat song. It’s a cat-person sort of thing. If you’re not into cats, this song might make you cringe. Or sneeze. It features my little, black kitty, Molly, on meows and hisses. She doesn’t like to be held when it’s not her idea, so (heh heh) I held her up in front of my microphone … and kept holding her. Oh, she performed in kind with some great sounds! Ha ha. The style of this song I somehow want to label “Turn-of-the-Century Vaudeville.”Like I mentioned above, I worked with Micah Anderson to program MIDI drums for my Samhain song. He was so easy and fun to work with and did a FABULOUS job of interpreting what I wanted in drum sounds and rhythms, from skins to kits in 6/8 time. It was great to hammer out rhythms with our hands and feet and imagine the song being played at a huge concert with pirates in the audience banging their heads. I also learned a lot by watching him work with the program “Reason.” Next step is the vocal recording, then electric guitars and bass. I’m labeling this song style as “Epic Pagan Metal.”Lately, avocados have been my fuel of choice. Aren’t they magnificent? I’ll take them in any form, but I think my favorite is simply with salt and balsamic vinegar. What smooth, creamy pockets of energy! Such nice, little friends.Other nice, little friends are the blue jays right outside Gaynor’s studio (but not for eating like the avocados, of course). It’s so funny. Gaynor is like Snow White, but he’s masculine – all the birds and creatures come and “talk” to him. Gaynor has trained these blue jays to take a peanut from his hand. The boldest he has named “BJ.” BJ now trusts me enough to take a peanut from my hand. And he is a smart bird! There’s a window right by the controls where Gaynor and I work, and BJ will appear at the window and look in. This means he wants a peanut. One of us will get up from our chair, BJ will see this and hop over to the door, where we’ll put a peanut in our hand and he’ll fly up and snatch it. I’m not kidding. This is totally true. It’s like Magic Creature Land at Gaynor’s. He’s the perfect engineer for my quirky, Halloween needs.Well, my friends, enjoy the free downloads! And enjoy Summer Solstice coming up in a week! A couple of years ago for Summer Solstice, I made three CD mixes of pagan-ish dancing music, and a bunch of friends and I lit a bonfire and danced around it. I don’t know if I’ll have time to do it this year because I am such a recording hermit right now, but it would be fun. Anyway, ‘til we meet again at the next blog!