holy moly Kristen!! I remember hearing your organ skills in the ensign 7th ward. You need to submit your stuff to the tim burton sound track dept, for sure!


Kristen, i am in your ward and had to check out the site since i love halloween as well. Love the music you have posted so far! You are very talented and love to see you are combining your love of organ and halloween. First heard you at the ward talent show where you performed "love cats". Brilliant! Great job and keep it up!

Heather Johnson

How fun! Go Kristen... I think you could be the next Bach. I'm cheering for you.

Mr. Kitty

mrar, mrar meow mrar mrir. meeer mrir mrar rari reow mrar mrar. meow mrar mrir raaarrrr. hhhhhhh! mrar meow meow. mrar. mr. kitty


Oh Glorious One ~ It's refreshing to finally have music that "fits" Halloween. May you rise from the dead in style this Halloween. Love you. BATS


YAY! Your CD was awsome! I listened to it as soon as you dropped it off to me, and Jaime came right into the room cause she heard it and we danced a merry little jig to the blood waltz! haha it was awsome!

Mary Ann Tiemann

I can't wait to buy the album!! I think it is ingenious how you have brought together songs of Halloween and the organ. I think it is a magical combination. I loved your stories and pictures. This will absolutely make my Halloween this year!

Rebecca Leaverton

Kristen, Love the web-site...your music and photos are FAB-ulous!

Christopher Johnson

Looks great, Kristen! You rock.

His Wholeyness, the divine Archpope, Däch

From hell's heart dost thou stab at me? It's been nigh a decade since I last heard from you. Good to see you're still staying out of the daylight.

Mike Labarge

Kristen, great site and music. It brings back the old days and long nights at your place. :-)

Linda Kemmer

Your photos are wonderful.... I LOVE them

Jan Lawrence

Love your website. Love you